Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peel Me A Grape!

Being on holiday has many advantages. Visiting friends and relatives usually means they are entertaining you and not the other way around and despite my determination to help, to offer assistance in the kitchen (so I can attempt to show off) I keep getting offered a seat and a glass of wine and told to relax. So as I slowy get larger and larger from my lethargic existance I am getting to enjoy some interesting new tastes. Last night was an indian curry with king prawns and spinach. The spinach uprooted from the neighbours garden. My friend cooking asked "should I have taken the whole plant out of ground or just cut the leaves?" I think the neighbour will be less inclined to offer his greens next time. But the result was quite delicious and washed down with a good portion of Oomoo cabernet savignon. Although remind me not to act so manly and wolf down the home grown chillies that were placed in a bowl beside my curry. ooooooofffffff they were hot!!!
They were friends from a past long ago and it was great to catch up. I feel my memory lane has meandered way to far in to alien terrains that when i try and look back my mind cannot picture all the path. It was great to tell stories (thankfully she forgets also) and the joy of remmebering encouraged renewed memories. We laughed into the wee hours of the night and I am delighted to say that Brisbane looks more lovely this trip back with its colourful streets and gorgeous old houses. There are fruit bats flying low over the houses at sun set and prior to that the beautifully coloured Rosellas and Rainbow Lorikeets have been chirping and frollicking in the skies and the Pink Galas have cawed all afternoon. Cold beers in stubbie coolers (wetsuit like gloves for the beer bottles to keep your beer cold and your hand from freeezing). Its bliss - someone peel me a grape!
At my brothers at present and the sun is shining and the pool is enticing. His determination for the perfect coffee means he has acquired a state of the art coffee machine called a Grimac that weighs a tonne, produces cafe quality espresso's and means I get a perfect coffee whilst I sit here typing. Oh no my idyllic haven has been interupted by the kids playing Mamma Mia and singing away to the songs. I must go and pierce my ear drums before i start to sing along as well.

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