Monday, January 5, 2009

If you build it they will come!

The beginning of a new era in my life. Blogdom, I am here. Despite promising to myself that i will have this up and running months ago, I will not harp on it and admonish myself no more. Will I have the determination and conscientious objective to write one of these daily. This is yet to be seen but this is the start and hopefully I will not fall into laziness and use excuses like i was too busy to write every day.

My aim! To document my travels and exploration on a number of levels. I will be writing about food, feeling it, obviously eating it and delivering to you dear reader my views on what, where, who and how. Not merely recipes or inventive takes on a theme but hopefully a new look. I will be studying to be a chef so maybe i will have insight and educated, intellectual views on such a charter. I will try and be interesting and amusing (yet to be seen! - although when I have written this shit in my head I have made myself smile). I have lived in Australia (my current disposition), the UK, Turkey, and will be travelling to far flung places and spending considerable time in a foodie central called the Big Apple, where i will live and study. Maybe from this mixed up collection of locales i will be able to bring fresh landscapes to a somewhat over populated mellee of cookery shows, books, celebrity chef's. I want to change peoples views. I want people to get excited about food, passionate about food, mad about food. Reject poor quality and become obsessive and delighted when confronted with a bloody good tantalising dish of exotic and exquisite whosiwhat, thingymagiggy (i will add a gorgeous dish in this slot later).

I will no doubt get up to all sorts of antics in my adventures and some will not be food related and you will not get the expegated version my dear reader - oh no. Full frontal, non censored, graphic embarrassing detail awaits you. Food porn? maybe! My mate in the UK pointed out that my choice of blog title summoned images of food porn but he's a sick puppy. I felt "Squeezing Grapes" was both a title that evoked the "reap what you sow" adage as well as have foodie connotations (although more likely, copious drinking sessions involving that beautiful elixer we call 'Wine' will come to mind - and no doubt i will relay these sessions on more than one occasion).

So welcome to my blog. I hope you will join me on my adventures and enjoy what i have to say! See you soon.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging mate! Looking good...